At What Point Is FREEDOM No Longer Free?

“There’s just something inside the back of my mind that makes me wonder. What happens if we really need to book it- escape for whatever reason?”            -Nimrah


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In a world governed by international law, every citizen in every country knows peace– but at what cost? The government controls almost every aspect of life: one’s Occupation, wages, and hours worked. Everything is monitored.

Nimrah, a Nurse, discovers a secret- she has the ability to heal any ailment or injury with her will and the touch of her hand. When she unknowingly heals a little girl, she finds herself in the midst of a dangerous plot. Now she must rely on her newfound love, Honestum, and a group of trustworthy friends to assist her in keeping the only thing humanity has left safe…

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A Nurse with the ability to heal.


A Law Enforcement Officer, love interest of Nimrah and twin brother to Gratia


Seamtress and Nimrah's best friend


Engineer, friend of Honestum's


Farmer and ex-military, friend of Honestum's


Mother of Faith


Law Enforcement Officer, Honestum's partner and roommate


Teacher, twin sister to Honestum, friend of Nimrah's


Healed by Nimrah and separated from her mother, Katya


Nimrah's roommate and co-worker

The Leaders

Governing faction

Fatimah Evans

From childhood Fatimah Evans has had a passion for writing stories that captivate and push you to think. After Co-Authoring her husbands self help book she decided to pick up the laptop and publish a story of her own, thus One Nation was born.


Fatimah is a mother of 5 children and a wife. She was born and raised in Virginia and she attended James Madison University majoring in Justice Studies with a minor in Writing & Rhetoric. As stated above, she has always had a passion for writing.

What Inspired One Nation?

Fatimah’s love for Sci-Fi and adventure eventually fueled the story that is One Nation. After spending many years “adulting” she decided that enough was enough. She began thinking of plots, finding inspiration and writing whenever she could to turn her dream into a reality! After an intense conversation with her husband, she decided to take the plunge and publish her work!

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